Salvage Personal Property With Purofirst Contents Cleaning!

One of the quickest ways to lose money in a water or fire disaster is to throw out personal belongings or write them off as losses before walking through each item with a professional contents cleaning and restoration team. Many items that seem destroyed can be restored by our expert team. Our professional contents cleaning division can save precious and expensive items and the money that it would take to replace them

Purofirst is an expert contents cleaning company that will carefully pack-out all damage contents and move them to our state-of-the-art contents cleaning division where our experts can examine, clean and restore different items like documents, fine art, jewelry, clothing, electronics, and more!

Expert Pack-Out Without The Risk

The emergency pack out of personal belongings and moving them to a cleaning facility can put your items at risk of further damage. Unless Purofirst Disaster Services is providing the contents restoration. We are experts at packing up contents with careful regard to cross-contamination and making sure every item is inventoried and PROPERLY packed and moved. We work safely and efficiently to minimize the risk of further damage to personal belongings and to make sure that every salvageable item is cleaned and restored to pre-loss condition. Our goal is to save sentimental and valuable property and reduce the need for replacement.

Our innovative team is always finding new ways to salvage items, repair seemingly destroyed personal property, and giving some relief to our clients that have suffered ultimate loss!

Why Is Purofirst The Experts In Contents Cleaning?

What makes an expert an expert? An expert is someone who specializes in a specific subject or is highly-knowledgable in a specific field. Our team of experts are not only highly-educated and certified in leading contents cleaning methods and techniques, but they are experienced!

We always search for a solution to save our clients money and the heartache of having to throw out sentimental and valuable belongings. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we cannot do that without being the best. So we make sure we are the best – Every. Single. Time!

We serve the counties of Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt in Kentucky, and Jefferson, Clark, Floyd, and Scott counties in Indiana!

Save Time And Money – Call Purofirst For Emergency Contents Restoration Division 24 Hours A Day!